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My 2014 RTW trip

My annual trip to Australia and South Africa for business and a few other places.


Getting to Australia from Eastern Canada is never easy. I left home Sunday and landed in Sydney Tuesday morning 🙂 I had two connections in Detroit and LA and a painful 15-hour flight in economy to Sydney.


Almost there, only seven more hours to go

Read more about the 2014 NSW road trip here.


I returned to Sydney, dropped off my pink cruiser and flew to Singapore, stayed there overnight, ate a few spring rolls and boarded a bus to Kuala Lumpur. It’s the second time I made a mistake of taking a bus instead of train. The first time was a New Delhi to Agra bus, when it took over 8 hours to cover a 200 km distance! This time it wasn’t that bad, only 8.5 hours for 380 km instead of the promised 5.5 and the bus was a lot more comfortable.

Read more about my Kuala Lumpur trip here


After Malaysia I spent almost a week in Joburg for work but haven’t taken any photos!



My flight back home was with Qatar Airways (one of the world’s greatest airlines, btw) with a two-day layover in Doha.



Doha skyline – view from Doha Corniche

IMG_5555 IMG_5534 IMG_5545

Doha Corniche


My new shades!


Fish market on Corniche promenade

IMG_5552 IMG_5550

Downtown Doha

IMG_5557 IMG_5564

Museum of Islamic Arts

IMG_5578 IMG_5576 IMG_5575

Doha shopping – Souq Waqif


One of the numerous money transfer agencies in Doha, always crowded – too many foreign workers in the country

IMG_5587 IMG_5599

Public beach in Katara village – the only one I could find in the area, they charge ~$30 per person, probably the most expensive and the least attractive public beach I’ve seen so far

IMG_5593 IMG_5594

Katara village


At my hotel room – praying direction



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  1. i had a sense of being in all these described places… master of photo made them))
    сказка… чудо… сладко)))

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