Mt Washington and Acadia National Park

A weekend trip to Mt Washington in New Hampshire and Acadia National Park in Maine.


Made it myself for breakfast on the departure day!


Nice rig

IMG_7205 IMG_7206 IMG_7209

On our way to Flume Gorge


Flume Gorge

IMG_7225 IMG_7232 IMG_7235 IMG_7238

Selfie. Level 80

IMG_7221 IMG_7250 IMG_7251
IMG_7264 IMG_7265

Looks like a hand covering the rock

IMG_7266 IMG_7268 IMG_7271

Everywhere we looked the colors were just spectacular

IMG_7274 IMG_7275 IMG_7278

Autumn colors


At the entrance to Mt Washington Auto Road. I’ve seen “This car climbed Mt. Washington” bumper stickers on cars here and there but couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal. Now I know 🙂

It’s an 8-mile drive to the summit, a very steep ascent and the car (ours anyway) overheats like crazy. We paid $36 at the entrance and were given an instructional brochure on the driving techniques and a CD that we were supposed to listen to on our way up and down but we didn’t, of course, as we didn’t figure it out in time!

01-Mt Washington Envelope

On our way up we had to stop a few times to cool off and finally parked about 3/4 mile from the summit and hiked our way to the top because believe it or now, we were too low on gas and thought if we hadn’t stopped, the Jeep would have done that for us.


At the summit


Yes, there is a train to the summit

IMG_7283 IMG_7288 IMG_7301 IMG_7302 IMG_7298

Couldn’t really get good pictures up there, too bright

IMG_7309 IMG_7310 IMG_7313


Honey, we have a stowaway


Our lonely Jeep awaiting. We were the last car to leave park that day. Being a turbodiesel, we expected the Jeep to handle all this mountain climbing situation more easily, to be honest. We were so unhappy with it that after the trip it was demoted to Jeep-junior.

The next morning we headed out to Acadia National Park.


Nice little town of Camden on the way to Acadia

IMG_7316 IMG_7319 IMG_7321 IMG_7323 IMG_7324 IMG_7325 IMG_7326



The Penobscot Narrows Observatory


Acadia National Park


Cadillac Mountain

IMG_7331 IMG_7333 IMG_7337 IMG_7338 IMG_7340 IMG_7342

At Cadillac Mountain summit


Sand Beach

IMG_7360 IMG_7362 IMG_7368 IMG_7370 IMG_7372 IMG_7376 IMG_7386 IMG_7387

Driving on Park Loop Road



IMG_7396 IMG_7397

Jordan Pond


Asticou Azalea Garden on our way out of Acadia National Park

IMG_7398 IMG_7400 IMG_7402 IMG_7403 IMG_7404


The end 🙂

September 2014



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