A couple of times I made a stopover in Harbin on my way to Qiqihar. Sometimes it’s more cost effective to fly into Harbin and then take a train or drive to Qiqihar or Changchun. When I did that the first time in 2012, the train was a “green train”, i.e. a very slow one, but in 2014 they opened a new high-speed line.

IMG_6509 IMG_6508

Harbin train station

IMG_2643 IMG_2645 IMG_2646

Inside a slow train to Qiqihar. The tea in a thermos is courtesy of the Chinese Railroads


Harbin main street

IMG_2600 IMG_2605



My couchsurfing friend Lucy. I never actually couchsurfed in Harbin, always staying at hotels but Lucy and her son Richard were very kind to show me around the city.


WithIMG_0243 Richard in front of Saint Sophia Cathedral


IMG_6391 IMG_6392

At Pizza Hut with Lucy


This year Lucy invited me over for a tea


At Lucy’s. She lives in a new high-rise with her husband, who works at a nuclear powerplant (or a company that manufactures equipment for nuclear power plants, not sure). Her son Richard now goes to the University somewhere in Shanghai.


A Soviet-style building in downtown Harbin

IMG_2591 IMG_2593 IMG_2594 IMG_2595

Inside Saint Sophia Cathedral

IMG_2632 IMG_2633



On Zhongyang street


A Russian singer on the balcony of Modern Hotel performing Chinese songs

IMG_2612 IMG_2614

Pedestrian-Railroad bridge across Songhua river

IMG_0227 IMG_2621 IMG_2623 IMG_2620

Songhua river

IMG_2625 IMG_2626

Typical Soviet-style “Khruschovkas

IMG_2606 IMG_2607

A Wal-Mart on Zhongyang street

IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_6463 IMG_6465 IMG_6466 IMG_6470

Funny Russian translations


Cablecar to Sun Island Park

IMG_2631 IMG_6411 IMG_6414

Sun Island Park

IMG_6412 IMG_6413

Nice Rover

IMG_6415 IMG_6417

With my friends Jackie and Linda at Sun Island park. Jackie is one of my colleagues, he lives and works in Guangzhou and has relatives in Harbin. Linda is his cousin from Harbin.


Jackie horsing around

IMG_6408 IMG_6410


On a Songhua river cruise boat


Selfie fail


My hotel at the end of Zhongyang street by the river

IMG_6446 IMG_6447This is Harbin Flood Control Monument at Stalin Park

IMG_6497 IMG_6500

Stalin Park

IMG_6448 IMG_6449


Zhongyang street at night


My hotel at night


A nice piece of art at the hotel lobby. The water flowing from second floor through a bunch of bowls to the fountain in the lobby


View from my hotel room



IMG_6438 IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6442 IMG_6443 IMG_6435

Jackie’s family took me to a Japanese hibachi restaurant. We spent there 3.5 hours and the food just kept coming!


Some kind of eggplant dish, super delicious


Bamboo & chocolate rolls at the hotel, also really good


At a western restaurant on Zhongyang street


We found a Russian restaurant (which wasn’t a problem at all)


Jackie discovering the taste of borsch


Sparkling water – a rare find in China



I took advantage of people sitting still while having their portraits drawn by street artist 🙂

IMG_6452 IMG_6455 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6477 IMG_6479 IMG_6481 IMG_6484 IMG_6486
IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6493



IMG_6387 IMG_6388




Qiqihar is a second largest city of the Heilongjiang province, about 300 km north of Harbin. I go there fo work every year for a couple of days, sometimes I fly direct and sometimes I get picked up at Harbin airport and they then they take me back. On my way back to Harbin, I am usually accompanied by the family of my host at the company, they use this opportunity to visit Harbin and shop 🙂

IMG_6363 IMG_6364

Toll highway from Qiqihar to Harbin

IMG_6368 IMG_6369

Toll plaza


A roadside restaurant


Deciding what to order


Lunch aftermath


One time they took me to Zhalong Nature Reserve with its famous red-crowned cranes.


At Zhalong Nature Reserve

IMG_2651 IMG_2652


My travel companions

IMG_2654 IMG_2660 IMG_2661 IMG_2664



The cranes!


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  1. Макс, почему у тебя нельзя лайкать?
    когда увидела красные пакетики с чаем – то аж захотелось лайкнуть!))) у меня такой же синенький… я как раз перед нг по дому все углы обшарила, мне кто-то подарил)))

    девушка в красно-оранжевом за стеклом – это чтобы руками не трогали?))))

    Руссизм и в зарбине есть…)))
    Василий русский пиво – )))) и пр и пр…
    только про аптеку “каньньта” – не поняла… що цэ такэ?
    “прямоприн адлежит золото”… – долго не могла понять… и до сих пор не могу понять))) как холото может быть прямо? и еще принадлежит))) прикоооолл)))
    Катюша и там есть… какая я))) вездесущая)))) я прото балдею, когда меня племмянник называет “тетя Катюшка”))))

    а вот с девушками – какойже ты все-таки любитель девушек, Макс!… едь это же долго КАЖДУЮ рисовать… наверняка часа 2 там провел))) показатель однако)))

    1. Меня можно лайкать, для этого нужно чтобы ты была залогинена в фейсбуке.
      По-поводу девушек которых рисовали, там было штук 10 рисовальщиков, поэтому долго ждать мне не пришлось 🙂

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