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Entonces, Uruguay

I flew in from Sao Paulo (the new Terminal 3 built prior to World Cup 2014 looks pretty awesome). The flight was supposed to be 2 hrs 45 min but I think we made it in 2.10. The plane landed at around 8 am and the airport was almost empty.


A small but cozy MVD Airport

There is a currency exchange booth in the luggage claim area, but the rate there wasn’t as good as in the arrivals (21 vs 19 for a dollar). I picked up a map (a great one, btw) at tourist information and found out how to get to my hotel at Tres Cruces, right by the bus station. The public bus from the airport was $45 URU ($2 US), a pretty good deal.
IMG_7596 IMG_7602 IMG_7605 IMG_7592

Parque Rodo

IMG_7608 IMG_7611 IMG_7615 IMG_7619 IMG_7620 IMG_7624 IMG_7628

La Rambla


At the southernmost point of Montevideo

IMG_7692 IMG_7693 IMG_7695

A German RV on La Rambla

IMG_7588 IMG_7586 IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7646 IMG_7671 IMG_7668 IMG_7666 IMG_7673 IMG_7676 IMG_7681 IMG_7683 IMG_7685 IMG_7686 IMG_7688

Streets of Montevideo



Plaza Independencia


Canadian Embassy right at the corner of Plaza Independencia

IMG_7642 IMG_7669 IMG_7710

Street art


Palacio Legislativo

IMG_7714 IMG_7716 IMG_7704 IMG_7719

A couple of old Soviet clunkers still cruizing the streets of Montevideo

IMG_7836 IMG_7840 IMG_7842 IMG_7844



Too many dogs here. Not strays, but many of them look like they haven’t really been cared for. It’s not uncommon to see a dogwalker with 10-12 dogs

IMG_7644 IMG_7594


Food in Montevideo is pretty expensive. I’ve had lunch at food courts a few times and averaged $15 USD per meal, it’s usually the same or less in the US or Canada. Interestingly, at malls and other public places security don’t allow baseball caps, or you need to wear it backwards, for security cameras. I’ve never seen that anywhere else before.


Punta del Este

I took a day trip to Punta del Este – a resort town some 130 km east of Montevideo, 2.5 hours by bus for US $20 round trip.


Tres Cruces bus station


Even through the traffic here isn’t as crazy as, for example, in Brazil, I’ve seen two horrific road accidents



Bus station at Punta del Este


IMG_7823 IMG_7822

La Mano

IMG_7727 IMG_7744 IMG_7745 IMG_7748 IMG_7747 IMG_7750
IMG_7763 IMG_7765 IMG_7769 IMG_7774

Two mermaids and a mer-guy

IMG_7787 IMG_7788 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7792
IMG_7801 IMG_7798 IMG_7804 IMG_7807 IMG_7809

Seagull fighting for fish scraps at a fish processing place at the port. A sea lion showed up but didn’t get much

IMG_7813 IMG_7829

How about a swimming pool on your balcony


The only Subaru I’ve seen in Uruguay

IMG_7816 IMG_7817 IMG_7826 IMG_7818

I was walking down the street and a car pulled over and woman asked me for directions.

– Espere, voy a ver el mapa

– No eres de aqui?

– No, no soy

– No eres uruguayo?

– No

– Argentino?

– No

– Chileno?

– No

– Brazilero?

– No

– Y de donde eres?

– Ucrania…

– Dios mio…

IMG_7828 IMG_7830 IMG_7831

The building on “lock down”, too much sunlight here



Another Soviet Niva

Back to Montevideo, got packed up and ready for a trip to Buenos Aires on the following day: by bus to Colonia and then on a ferry to Buenos Aires.



Our bags are getting reloaded on a ferry. I thought I’d made a big mistake by checking my bag on a ferry, thought I’d be waiting for it forever at Buenos Aires baggage claim, but to my surprise it came out super fast.


At ferry terminal


The guy in blue shirt is an Uruguayan border officer and the one next to him is Argentinian, so you actually cross the border to Argentina in Colonia.


Cars start lining up for the ferry


The boat

IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7856 IMG_7857 IMG_7858

On the ferry

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