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Beijing Capital Airport

Some pictures from Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, aka PEK, while I was waiting for my connection Departure hall, check-in area Airport police wear flashing blue and red lights on their shoulders, pretty annoying You can recycle your cash here, if you have any Restrooms are not easy to find! But they are beautifully designed Another […]

Honey, honey, honey

Hooray! Having spent 10 days on the road with me from Ukraine through Poland and Romania, the 2014 shipment of almost 14 kg of some of the best Ukrainian honey has finally made it to Montreal! We’re now good for at least six months. Glory to Ukraine and the Ukrainian beekeepers! ———————- Ура! После десятидневного […]

Soul of Asia

A layover in Seoul, August 2014   Seoul subway is pretty amazing Street Market in Insadong Lunch break Streets of Seoul – Lotte Hotel Seoul City Hall       Highlight of the trip: A visit to the demilitarized zone Before entering Panmunjom (aka the JSA) all visitors are required to sign a waiver. Basically, you […]

Israel, Israel

Несколько лет подряд собирался съездить в Израиль, в 2011 году уже даже был куплен билет, но поездку в последний момент пришлось отменить. В феврале 2014 я наконец-то туда добрался. Маршрут Израиль – страна четырех морей, в каждое из которых мне хотелось залезть. А именно Красное, Мертвое, Средиземное и Галилейское (вообще-то это озеро, но пусть уж будет […]

My 2014 RTW trip

My annual trip to Australia and South Africa for business and a few other places. Australia Getting to Australia from Eastern Canada is never easy. I left home Sunday and landed in Sydney Tuesday morning 🙂 I had two connections in Detroit and LA and a painful 15-hour flight in economy to Sydney. Almost there, […]

This is Changi airport, baby

A few pictures of what’s rightfully considered the world’s best airport (will take more pics next time I’m there!) — April 2014  Related articles Changi Airport crosses 54 million passenger mark in 2014 The world’s first remote-controlled airport? World’s Best Airport – Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore

Sleepless in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, Brazil in Nov 2013, the local football team just won Brazilian championship. Fans were celebrating all over the city, especially at a bar outside my hotel 🙂 They went crazy the whole night, it was pretty cool, the only problem I had a business meeting the following morning!

Travel light

I travel for work and take many flights each year. I do like to travel light. In fact, this year I’ll do my best to travel with carry on only. Even though I haven’t lost a single bag yet (quite a few times the bags would be delivered the following day), nothing can make up for the tremendous amount of time wasted on waiting […]