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Wild pony encounter

Assateague Island is where wild horses and ponies roam free Parking lot is the first place you see them Most of them were half asleep for some reason On the beach   Beach Raiders   — September 2015   Related articles Wild Assateague Island Horse Kicks Lifeguard Caught on camera: Lifeguard kicked by wild horse on […]

South Africa 2012

My first time in Africa! Airport hotel at JNB – a great place for plane spotting   I could watch aircraft bellies all day long! Souvenir market on my way to safari at Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Many tourists tend to go to a much larger Kruger National Park, but concentration of wildlife at Pilanesberg is […]

Safari in Botswana

Chobe National Park is a popular safari destination for Victoria Falls visitors. To get to Botswana from Livingstone, Zambia you need to take bus to Kazungula Ferry, which will take you accross the Chobe river to Botswana. Safari usually consists of two parts, they first take you on a Chobe river cruise to see hippos […]

Victoria Falls

Продолжая водопадную тему – водопады Виктория! Водопады находятся на реке Замбези, на границе Замбии и Зимбабве. Чтобы туда добраться по воздуху, нужно взять билет в Ливингстоун в Замбии или Виктория Фоллз в Зимбабве. В моем случае я взял билет в Ливингстоун из Йоханесбурга, где-то полтора часа лета на Британских Авиалиниях Во многих местах в Африке, […]

Maui and the Big Island 2007

An award flight from Toronto to Kahului through San Francisco San Francisco   MAUI Somebody’s decided to propose on the beach Lava fields   ROAD TO HANA Road to Hana is amazing. It takes all day to get there with plenty to see along the road. Hookipa beach & lookout. Turned out, it’s one of […]


Our trip to the Iguazu Falls, a UNESCO Heritage Site in September 2012 / Поездка на водопады Игуасу, объект всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО в сентябре 2012 г. We spent the first day at Parque Nacional do Iguacu, on the Brazilian side where the views seem to be more spectacular Первый день мы провели в Национальном парке […]

Vacation in Cuba 2012

Cuba has always been on my “to-do” list and I was hoping to get there before it gets too “americanized”. I wanted to go while the Cuban version of communism is still around. Besides, it is one of the major vacation spots for Canadians with plenty of good deals all year round. Cuba turned out […]

Seagulls of the World

Collection of seagulls from all over the world Varna, Bulgaria   California   Jacksonville, Florida   Jordan River, Israel   Acadia National Park, Maine   Malmo, Sweden   North Carolina   NSW, Australia   Ontario, Canada 🙂 Ontario, Canada   Sydney, Australia This one is a red-billed gull   Vancouver, BC   Washington, DC   […]

Китайские мишки

Идея съездить в гости к китайским мишкам возникла как только я узнал о среде их концентрированного обитания в городе Ченгду и о том, что за них дают подержаться. Ну а меня хлебом не корми, а дай потискать какую-нибудь интересную зверюшку. Последние несколько лет в Китае я бываю каждое лето и во время моих очередных внутрикитайских […]