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Newcastle, NSW

Only a two-hour drive north of Sydney lies the great city of Newcastle that I get to visit every year and totally love it Local beach Local ocean A happy family with a happy dog Newcastle pelican On the beach View from my hotel room One remote is for the livingroom TV, the other for the bedroom Interesting […]

Victoria Peak

The magnificent Victoria Peak is one of the greatest spots in one of the most amazing cities of the world! You can walk up or take a Peak Tram to the summit. I took a train and then walked all the way down and it was one of the steepest walks of my life! The Peak tram […]

Wild pony encounter

Assateague Island is where wild horses and ponies roam free Parking lot is the first place you see them Most of them were half asleep for some reason On the beach   Beach Raiders   — September 2015   Related articles Wild Assateague Island Horse Kicks Lifeguard Caught on camera: Lifeguard kicked by wild horse on […]

Taiyuan 2015

Тайюань – столица провинции Шанси. Такой себе небольшой городишко миллиона на три, но тем не менее – крупный промышленный центр. Тайюань называют “китайским Детройтом”, очевидно, из-за тяжелой промышленности и чрезвычайной загрязненности. Небо постоянно затянуто грязной и плотной пеленой, как и в большинстве китайских городов, лучи солнца практически не пробиваются через смог. Запах тоже тяжелый. Местные жители […]

Beijing Capital Airport

Some pictures from Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, aka PEK, while I was waiting for my connection Departure hall, check-in area Airport police wear flashing blue and red lights on their shoulders, pretty annoying You can recycle your cash here, if you have any Restrooms are not easy to find! But they are beautifully designed Another […]

Pingyao village

Pingyao is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to China’s oldest bank 1. Entrance gate 2. Golf cart used to deliver tourists to the gate 3. Main Street   4.Market Tower 5.Lunch 6. Table cat 7. Shanxi province is famous for its vinegar 8. Shopping street 9. City walls – space between inner and outer […]

Seagulls of the World

Collection of seagulls from all over the world Varna, Bulgaria   California   Jacksonville, Florida   Jordan River, Israel   Acadia National Park, Maine   Malmo, Sweden   North Carolina   NSW, Australia   Ontario, Canada 🙂 Ontario, Canada   Sydney, Australia This one is a red-billed gull   Vancouver, BC   Washington, DC   […]