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Oak Alley Plantation

A visit to NOLA wouldn’t be complete without a visit to historic Oak Alley Plantation Plantation Entrance Oak Alley was a sugar cane plantation and this is a bowl they used to make sugar Slave cabins These oaks are 300 years old! Main house Entrance Dining room. The device above the table is a fan […]

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is considered the largest sand island in the world. It’s located in Queensland about 240 km North of Brisbane. On your way up, it’s well worth stopping by Noosa National Park just North of Sunshine Cost. At Noosa You can get to the Fraser Island by a ferry from either Rainbow Beach or Hervey […]

Blue Mountains National Park

I arrived to SYD late, picked up a car and drove 100+ km drive to Katoomba. Interesting fact, speed cameras are very common in NSW and you’re supposed to drive at or below the speed limit, unlike in North America, where we always drive 10-15 km over. Every time I was speeding in the “speed […]

Roadtrippin’ in Tasmania

Until further notice, Australia is my favorite continent and Tasmania is my favorite Australian state (my favorite Australian city isn’t in Tasmania though). In my humble opinion, it’s Australia’s Crown Jewel. It’s like the whole continent squeezed to the size of Tasmania with all imaginable natural diversity except maybe a desert 🙂 I was very fortunate […]